Yes U Won Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes have really evolved.

In days past,  sweepstakes were  entered by mail (mostly by post card), or on in store entry forms. Prizes where bikes, luggage, pots & pans, t-shirts and the like.  You usually got your notice by mail or phone that you indeed had won same way as playing online in sbobet thai, super easy and intuitive.


But sweepstaking has taken a new brand new turn now that personal computers and the internet have become  household words.  Entering is now free and easy online.  No more post cards, no more stamps, no more trips to the store. Sweepstakes and Contests can now be entered anytime of day or night from your home computer.

Companies have made it very easy to enter online sweepstakes and many announce winners every day.  Some online entries require you to return and check if you are the winner – so we at yesUwon want to step in to try and help you find out easily if you are one of those daily winners.

yesUwon will be scanning the web for all the latest winner’s, and bringing them all together in one place in an effort to help you learn if you won, since people like to win online, that’s why so many go online and gamble at so they can have the feeling of winning often.

We’ll be adding a few sweepstakes each day – and hoping your the winner!