Sweepstakes Talk

Sweepstakes and contests have really evolved since I started entering in 2001.

I started because my sister, who seemed to enter since she was able, had told me of her win that day, a t-shirt and cap.  Hey, I said, I would love to win a T-shirt – how did you do that?  And for me that was the beginning of my foray into entering.

Mostly she had entered by mail, mostly by post card and was always winning small things.  She won bikes, luggage, pots & pans, t-shirts and the like.  But now sweepstaking had taken a new turn – the internet had become a household word, and entering was free via this method.  No more post cards, no more stamps – and since I am frugal by nature, made this something I definitely wanted to get my hands into.

I started entering in November 2001.

My sister helped me by telling me everything I needed to know to get started.  I entered every single online sweepstakes I could find.  Today, just as it was back then, there are several wonderful sites (some free, some not) that list the different sweepstakes that are available to enter.  As a beginner I was thrilled to be able to type 120WPM and enter 20-40 a night.  Later I learned there are programs to help you with that, but in the beginning I really just wanted to find the next one and type in my information, and get my chance at the prize.

My first win was at 12:15AM on 1/1/02 – and was a $200 gift certificate to Eluxury.com.  Once that was under my belt, there was no stopping me – and because I was “new” to this, I had thousands of sweepstakes to enter.  Not being one to do things “half-way” I then decided the more I entered the more my chances of winning, and off I went.

My first trip win was to Super Bowl XXXVII- Raiders VS Tampa Bay, courtesy of WetOnes Wipes.  It was more than spectacular and only pushed me to enter more.

I still enter to this day and I call it a hobby, but it takes a few hours usually out of every one of my evenings.  I am happy I can spend that time because when the UPS or FEDEX man pulls up, my hopes soar for another one of those once in a lifetime wins.

Today you can enter through the internet online, by text, through facebook, twitter, instagram, mail and iphone.  The types of sweepstakes and giveaways now include what I would deem traditional and new. Traditional ones are ones that are done by major manufacturers, big name brands, and companies.  The new ones are text, blog, twitter, and facebook ones.  The new variety are being done by regular bloggers, as well as the big name companies everyone would easily recognize.  The prizes are from the smallest free item to a trip or car.

So if you’re interested in winning something, get entering, it’s the only way to put you name in the hat and have the FEDEX man deliver you that overnight package telling YOU – that you indeed are a winner!


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