YESUWON — Will be back posting soon!!!

Out of nowhere – but constant nagging headache, I went in to see my Doctor. I almost never go but once a year for my physical – unless I really feel sick.

I went because of a few reasons, one is I do not like to take medicine, am allergic to almost all pain relievers (or they give no pain relief), so don’t take them. I usually deal with one 325mg Tylenol®, only if I really can’t stand the pain anymore. (I did have to take 2 Tylenol® when I broke my elbow in a skateboarding accident when I was 38, but I digress). Turned out I needed the darn Tylenol® more than once a day and it was getting annoying to me taking it that much, and told me maybe something else was going on.

For those who know me, I have experienced some “headaches that will likely kill me” ~ they are that severe and I have had all the standard tests to rule out serious issues with those, but when the nagging lower level ones come and will not go, I was also worried this was a step in the wrong direction. Yes, I went because I was scared of what they could mean.

I had another issue I wanted the Dr. to know about, and thought I just need to go and see her. Well, she ordered sinus x-rays and sure enough I had a sinus infection – the other issue was undetermined, but being sent out to see if there was yet a second infection going on… and I was started on an antibiotic.

I had a bad reaction to that antibiotic – and I messaged the Dr. about the symptoms that started pretty much right after the first dose… but because of the weekend, the holiday and the way things go, Dr. did not get to me to tell me to stop them till I had already had 9 doses. I should have known better. I will next time.

The outcome is that I spent at least 5 days in hell and I am not yet fully recovered from it. The posts I had scheduled here, posted as the days went by, but I might still need a couple of days till I can actually think and see straight to get them going again. Believe me, I am thankful to be recovering from this, and even thinking about returning to posting. You just don’t even know!


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